Case Studies


Christian Youth Centre - Llanstephan, Gower Swansea

Provision of Renewable Heating using Heat Pump technology coupled with under floor Heating.


We were contacted through SABA Consulting Ltd and NAAMEC Construction Ltd with regards to providing a Heat Pump to be used with the Under Floor Heating System for the new dining hall and accommodation block at the above site.


As the CYC premises was too far away from mains gas supply the opportunity was chosen to consider the Use of Heat Pump Technology coupled with under floor heating.


A site survey and the application were most suited to use equipment selected from the Mitsubishi Electric Air to Water Heat Pump range.


Two systems were selected one for the main area / dining hall and the other for the accommodation block. The systems selected were capable of providing 25 kW of Heat to the under floor heating systems at the most arduous of ambient conditions.


The Mitsubishi systems were chosen as they have superior performance due to the unique inverter driven compressor at the heart of the system. This compressor only provides sufficient heat for the demand that the water system needs.


The system was installed in 2009 and provides an efficent and reliable source of heating for the premises.


LG Mitsubishi Electric Toshiba Daikin Refcom