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F&T Refrigeration's knowledge and experience working with the leading Suppliers of Heat Pumps in the UK - Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, LG


From Design Stage through to Final Commissioning F&T Refrigeration provides our customers with an assured system to suit their particular application.


We also provide fully detailed planned maintenance regimes to comply with the requirements of BS EN 378:2008


Our trained and certified Field Service Engineers offer our customers the full back up necessary for these systems to ensure they work at their optimum efficiency.


Part L & Part F, Energy Efficiency is once of the most important issues with these applications compliance is essential. We have the capability to provide the supporting documentation for verification of our proposals through our membership of the BESCA Scheme..


Refrigerant 22 Replace Technology, with the impending restriction legislation for R22 we can assist you with your planning for this to ensure a seem less change over.


Integrated Energy Efficient Ventilation and Heat Pump Systems are a speciality with remote Energy Monitoring.


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Planned Maintenance

Heat Pump Service & Repair

Energy Efficency

R22 Phase Out

VRF, VRV, Heat Recovery

Heat Pumps
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