Regulations - F Gas and R22 Phase Out Solutions

F&T Refrigeration has been working with our Customers since the implementation of the First Kyoto Protocol HCFC Phase out Regulations in 2000.


With the implementation in July 2007 of the new more stringent F Gas Regulations we intend to provide our customers with the information needed to plan for these Regulations.


These regulations are designed to limit the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere and Climate Change by improving the efficiency of all Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems, reducing leaks and reducing energy usage.


Owners of all refrigeration systems will need to have an asset register of their equipment, this indicating type of refrigerant and the quantity used. An Inspection regime will be required following the guidelines of the Regulation.


Service repairs will need to be checked along with records of the refrigerant used in the service activity. Systems taken from use will need to be decommissioned and the refrigerant environmentally recovered.


Our trained and certified Field Service Engineers offer our customers the full back up necessary for these systems. We have also the REFCOM Software to collate all this information and provide you with the reports needed for compliance.


Plant Energy and Safety Audit Surveys are also undertaken by F&T Refrigeration upon request.


We also offer advice on R22 Phase out which will need to be considered for 2010.


Plant Audit

Refrigerant Recovery

Planned Inspection

Service & Repair

Energy Efficency

Leak Testing

Audit Trail Compliance

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