Renewable Heating

F&T Refrigeration have been providing renewable heating systems for our customers for over 10 years. We have worked with two of our Main suppliers, Daikin UK and Mitsubishi Living Environmental Systems in utilising this highly efficient energy technology in numerous application. This type of system does not suit all applications and the choice of equipment is very relevant to ensuring the best solution for the application at hand.


In the domestic market place Systems vary from standard heat pump units to those generating hot water for use in under floor heating systems and for domestic hot water. These systems can also be linked to a Solar Water Heating system to provide an effective solution.


There are a number of incentive schemes available with Government backing. These schemes can be found here:


We have also undertaken larger scale schemes for Public Bodies and Educational facilities. Please feel free to contact us for our impartial advice with the selection of your scheme.


Some background information


In a domestic application which heat pump is right for you?



Ground Source heat pumps are dependent on an area surrounding a property. The cheapest method for ground source heat pumps is a horizontal loop underground which requires a large surface area (If there isnít enough land available then the alternative would be to create a vertical closed loop system). Both offer the same efficiencies; however a vertical loop is slightly more expensive.



A Water Source heat pump is most suitable when there is a water supply nearby, this could be in the form of a river, lake or a borehole. A water source is the most efficient form of heat pump as the liquid passing through the system isnít re-circulated; instead it pulls directly from the source.



Air Source heat pumps are a great solution where space is at a premium or where there is no garden. They can be installed anywhere where there is a constant access to outside air. This can range from; being rested on the ground outside, suspended on a wall or even in a loft with ducting to the outside.


What is the best method of domestic Heating when using a Heat Pump?


What is Underfloor Heating?


Underfloor heating (UFH) is not a new form of central heating but is a choice of heating which has been neglected over the years. Due to material and technological advancements.


Underfloor heating systems are now far more practical, efficient and comfortable than ever. Unsightly radiators can become a thing of the past, maximising space in your house whilst providing a more effective heating solution.


Underfloor heating is the most efficient form of heating as it works in harmony with the convectional flow. It is spread out across the floor, heating from the ground up. This ensures that the whole room is heated evenly and creates a more comfortable environment as head height is cooler than feet level.


Each room where Underfloor heating is placed can be individually controlled, this allows you to set a temperature suited to the room, or turn off the heating in rooms that arenít being used or require little heating.


Underfloor Heating water temperatures are lower than that of radiators, due a more efficient heating method. A lower input water temperature means that heater does not need to use so much energy, thus reducing the cost the home owner. The lower input water temperature makes UFH ideal for use with the majority of Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water solutions.


About Solar Hot Water solutions


Solar Panels have also been in use for a long time in various forms. Currently the best type use an evacuated glass tube to enclose a copper tube housing a glycol water mix. Having a vacuum inside the glass tube ensures that the maximum solar energy is retained by the system. It is this which makes solar evacuated tubes so much more efficient than the alternatives. The heated liquid mix then transfers its heat to the hot water system. AAA This can be done either directly into a specifically designed twin coil tank, or via a heat exchanger into an existing system. Twin coil tanks offer improved efficiency which gives financial benefits in the long term.


These are added in most instances to a Heat Pump System to derive the best energy use for the majority of dwellings.


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